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SecurePak®: Business Profile

SecurePak®, located in Millbury, OH, is a provider of testing equipment used in the bottling industry. It was founded in 1985 and acquired by Glassline Corporation of Perrysburg, OH, in 1998. Glassline provides the manufacturing facilities.

SecurePak® is a specialist in every aspect of bottle cap torque testing and seal testing. It provides a suite of tools to help bottlers ensure their products are shipped with bottle caps that meet quality standards and consumer expectations. SecurePak®’s most popular product is the spring cap torque tester, which has been manufactured since 1946. It helps customers control the tightness on bottle caps. Cap tightness is critical. Caps that are too loose cause evaporation and leakage, and those that are too tight can result in bottle breakage or caps that are difficult for consumers to open.

SecurePak® continued to innovate with testers for all aspects of bottle cap quality assurance. In 1985 SecurePak® purchased the secure seal tester, which tests thread and seal integrity on bottles, both glass and plastic. It’s designed for aluminum crown and plastic caps and detects gas leakage.

The digital torque tester was added in 1987 as an enhanced version of the spring cap torque tester. It features a digital meter for easier and more precise reading. The next step was the computer interface torque tester in 1989, which integrates with computers and printers. There’s also an incremental torque gauge that mounts on the torque tester models.

There is an optional Teflon finish available for all exposed metal parts on these testers. It resists cracking, chipping, flaking and peeling.

The newest SecurePak® product is the TorqTraQ®. It’s a handheld digital measurement tool compact enough for a pocket, which makes it ideal for maintenance and process line use. It can also be used to check capper machine torque.

Not only are SecurePak® torque testers long-lasting, but also, they can be recalibrated and repaired to provide years of service. SecurePak® supplies calibration kits for use by customers in their factories, or customers may ship their testers to the Millbury site, where they can be rebuilt, repaired, recalibrated and returned with a certificate of calibration. Also, if the customer requests, they will be refurbished and shipped back in like new condition. SecurePak® will also convert spring torque testers and digital torque testers and make them into computer interface torque testers.

SecurePak® testers are durable and reliable and are used in factories throughout the world. SecurePak® has four dedicated employees and is supported by the full manufacturing capabilities of Glassline Corporation. Its sales office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time, and it ships to a world-wide customer base. SecurePak® accepts payments in Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diner’s Club as well as EFT and check. And of course free quotes are always available.